Life Saver Pool Fence for sale. The manufacturer was voted best pool fencing by parents. You can read on their website all the safety and installation information. We rarely used the fence so it is in perfect condition. No wear or tear. It was only put up when the grand kids came to visit 3 weeks in the summer. Otherwise stored neatly in a garage. We have7 panels of 15 feet1 panel of 18 feet On...
I have 20 of these totes for sale, Thay are brand new never been opened.. These have the 6 inch cap with the 2 inch cap inside and is a 2 inch pipe thread valve at the bottom.. 85 bucks each and are available 7 days a week just call or text Robert at ...
Good quality 2nd cut sq bales as soon as weather looks stable for several days100 or more $5.75 also have coastal rounds bales app 5x6 $65ea If weather will corporate bale the 13th or 14Might have some this sun or Monday
John Deere MX6 shredderManufacture date Aug 2017 Original one owner bought new in June 2018. Mower is in mint condition with less than 20 acres mowed total. Also has bushings installed for Cat 1 quick hitch but easily removed if not wantedneeded.
Newborn baby goats. They will need to be fed 4 times a day until weened. This breed will remain small and make excellent pets , milkers, or lawn mowers. When bottle fed the goats will imprint on you and become very tame almost like a puppy. They are also herd animals and prefer to be with at least one other goat.Females $200Males $150Does, doelings, bucklings, kid, nanny, Billy,
Grapple 72 root grapple fits skid steer and tractor with front end loader with universal skid steer quick attachments. Has high pressure flat face hydraulic quick connects. Cash only contact Jimmy


This truck only has 7300 miles on it It is 1986 all original It was a yard mule then a fire truck Miles are correct Cummins motor
We have two adorable, sweet and cuddly Nigerian dwarf doelings looking for good homes. They are ready to go home with you today The brown and white, brown eyed female is $250 and is very small. The black and white, blue eyed female is $275 de-budded. I will give a discount if you purchase more than one. They are all eating goat food and grazing well. They have all been held and played with sinc...
Can haul your hay or farm equipment40 ft gooseneck can haul 20 round bales at a time25 years experienceClass A CDLTEXT PLEASE. I have bed phone service and may not get your call.Sorry I do not have any hay to sell and I do not know where you can buy any
I have juvenile pure bred Old English browns, assorted large crested silkies and Mille fleurs available for immediate pickup. $30 a pair and $45 a trio contact via text. .
Renting out a JLG- T350 towable boom lift, Genie GS-2632 scissor lift and 36 Barreto 1324-D Trencher. Genie will fit through a 36 inch door. Rent daily, weekly monthly. These are jobsite ready units. will deliver Serving all surrounding counties of Grimes county. Call or text for prices. residential commercial Thanks. No Email.
Finches For Sale. Indian Silver Bill 10 each, Normal Zebra males only 10 each. 3 Males English zebras 30 each. Bronze Winged Mannikin 15 each. Orange Cheeked Waxbill 30 each. 4 Spice Finch 30 each. 1 Chestnut- Breasted Mannikin 80. 2 Black and White Mannikin 30 each. Pied Java 45 each. Split Javas 45, Normal Javas 50 each. 2 Pairs of Fawn Javas 130 each pair. 1 Male Silver Java 75 each. 4 Young...